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Kobayashi Meiko is about to turn sixteen. She's shy, reserved, and doesn't talk much. She's the target of bullies, and struggles to get through the school day. However, Meiko has a devestating secret. Her brother is the ever popular Yamamato Ryuske, the most popular model of their generation. So when the most popular guy in school comes over to work on a group project and finds out, he promises to keep quite... if she goes out with him?! Seeking Co-Artist!!!


I'm not doing this on purpose

SO in my brilliance, I fell. Hard, and now I have a swollen massively sprained wrist, and can't hold a pen right. So we will be on hiatus until my wrist is a little less borked.
LadyHeth, February 18th, 2016, 11:57 am 1 comments

New site look, and returning tomorrow!

SO SORRY! I apologize greatly for two things: the temporary shittiness of the site (updating how it looks), and my disappearance. I didn't get paid on time so I couldn't rebuy Sai to update :'(

To catch up I'll be posting as often as possible in addition to Mondays!

Thanks for sticking around and for having patience. <3 LadyHeth
LadyHeth, January 17th, 2016, 11:51 pm 0 comments

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